The Benefits of Sea Swimming

Whether you're a seasoned sea swimmer or just starting out, there's no better way to experience the beauty of the Lyme Regis coastline than by taking a dip in the refreshing waters of the English Channel.

Lyme Bay ona blue sky day

The health benefits of sea swimming

First and foremost, sea swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy. Unlike swimming in a pool, the constantly changing conditions of the sea require more effort from your body to stay afloat and move through the water. This means that sea swimming is a great cardio workout, burning calories and building strength in your arms, legs and core. It’s also a low-impact exercise, making it kinder to joints than other forms of exercise. 

It’s not only great for your physical health, it’s also been proven to be great for your mental health too. The cold of the water can be invigorating, helping you to wake up and boost your mood. Studies into open water swimming show that merely getting into the water can reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality - the perfect way to unwind after a busy week!

Experience the beauty of Lyme Regis' Coastline

One of the best things about sea swimming in Lyme Regis specifically, is the stunning coastline that surrounds you. The Jurassic Coastline is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting stunning cliffs, interesting rock formations, and clear waters. The view from the sea gives you a unique vantage point, allowing you to experience the rugged beauty of the coastline up close, taking in the sights and sounds as you swim.

If you like to swim as part of a group, UK wide organisation The Bluetits Chill Swimmers have a group in Lyme Regis, and they have their own Facebook group where you can find out about swim times and meetups with other like minded people.

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Tide times in Lyme Regis

If you like planning swims in advance, being in the know when it comes to Lyme Regis tide times is a must. You can check on those here.

The Shoreline Sauna - a post-swim treat

If you’re looking for an incredibly unique experience, we recommend trying out the Shoreline Sauna. This traditional Finnish sauna is located on the beach just a short walk from our hotel, and provides the perfect way to warm up after a refreshing dip in the sea. Open Thursday - Sunday, the combination of the hot sauna and cold sea water is invigorating for both body and mind. It’s very popular, so you’ll definitely need to book your session. 

So why not book your stay with us at the Alexandra, and get up close and personal with the Lyme Regis coastline yourself? With our prime beachfront location, you can wake up to the sound of the waves and with just a short walk can be on the beach for your morning swim. Our comfortable rooms and excellent restaurant provide the perfect base for your sea swimming adventure, allowing you to relax and recharge after a stint in the water. And, of course, for those who would rather watch from warmth and comfort can enjoy the gorgeous sea views from our hotel. 

Posted on April 19th 2023

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